Himolla Cumuly Easyswing Sinatra

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The Himolla Sinatra recliner chair is a member of the Easyswing family of chairs. Operated manually or electrically with the touch of a button, this recliner also rotates 360 degrees, reclines virtually flat and the back can be adjusted manually or with the use of gas. With an adjustable headrest and integrated footrest, this model offers the ultimate in comfort. 
The Sinatra like its cousins the Brock and Armstrong, comes in small, medium and large sizes, all of which have two seat firmness options; medium or soft. The base of the chair can be ordered in different designs: Stainless steel, Wood or even leather covered. There is a fantastic selection of fabrics and leathers available for this recliner. 
Please view at our London Himolla studio, but please call or email first to save disappointment.