Himolla Cumuly Mersey

Sit back and relax

The Himolla Mersey recliner is available in 2 sizes, Mid and Maxi. Part of the Cumuly collection of chairs and sofas. The Mersey has a cold cure seat interior and fantastic lumbar support in the lower back area providing the best comfort where it is needed most. There is an option of height rings that can get you to the height you require. You can also choose from a soft or medium seat tension.

The Mersey functions using the Cumuly action. The recline action is operated by pulling a seat side toggle. This allows the gas sprung action to release the recline mechanism and at the same time you can have the backrest in your preferred position. The footrest is released on the manual recliners by applying pressure on the armrests which results in the footrest popping out to support your legs.

The Himolla Mersey electric recliner is operated using the inline wired remote control. This allows the user to independently recline the backrest and footrest from the dual motor within the chair. Each can be placed in the desired position providing the ultimate support and comfort. The handset itself stores discreetly in a side pocket of the chair. A reset button allows you to bring the chair back to its upright position. The electric operation is standard mains powered with a cable and plug, but you can order as an extra a rechargeable battery pack that stores below the chair.

The Mersey comes as standard with the Himolla 5-year warranty covering all frame, leather and parts providing many years of peace of mind comfort.

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