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Furnishing your home with new pieces is an exciting time and is often a process that many homeowners find challenging. It can be challenging to find high-quality pieces for affordable prices. Yet, at Brentham Furniture we offer a range of furnishings from various brands. There is a mix of modern and traditional brands and pieces to choose from. 

Whether you are looking for a modern and comfortable sofa or a new cabinet for your bedroom, we at Brentham Furniture have plenty to suit any interior needs and preferences. 

The Ranges We Offer

No matter if you are looking for a new bed or an entire setup for your living room, there is plenty to choose from. 

Our main focus is an array of sofas, arm chairs, and upholstery. Yet, there are beds, cabinets, and more on offer from various brands. 

For instance, we sell Stressless items, which are ideal for the utmost comfort. You can discover their range of recliner chairs and sofas. 

Should you be looking for dedicated Tetrad Harris Tweed items, which are an array of beautiful tweed design sofas and chairs, there are plenty to choose from on our site.

For those looking for quality furnishings for their entire home, Ecrol offers famous craftsmanship designs. From beds and sofas to chairs and tables, the Ecrol has a lot to offer. The range is ideal for anyone who enjoys modern and traditional interiors, as the range boasts many timeless and high-end pieces that can enhance any home. Whether you are looking to kit out your entire home or want to upgrade certain pieces, the Ercol range is suitable for any interior enhancement. 

Modern furniture that is comfortable is hard to come by. However, the Fama range offers the most incredible comfortable furnishings at great prices. Being able to furnish your home with pieces that look good and feel amazing is now achievable with the Fama sofas and armchairs. They can seamlessly fit into any home with an array of colours, textures, and designs to choose from.

Get in touch with us today at Brentham Furniture to discuss your furniture needs and desires.


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