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Discover true comfort without leaving your home with our Stressless® ‘Quickship’ program. Available to order online or by telephone, ‘Quickship’ offers some of Stressless' most popular recliners upholstered in their best selling leathers to ensure you are enjoying your comfortable, new recliner in no time.

Style and comfort are individual. So it’s only natural to offer three different bases on Quickship recliners: Classic, Signature and Star Base. For soft rocking motions, the Signature and Star Base are optimal. Some Classic and Signature chairs come in three different sizes, and all the well-known Stressless® benefits are of course included.

While the majority of our products are made to order, these Quickship recliners are in stock and ready to ship, delivered to you, within 14 days. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and choose your dream chair.

Brentham Furniture: London's Premier Stressless Dealer


Should you be looking for a reclining chair option, whether it be a sofa or armchair, the Stressless range will be the perfect solution. There are multiple designs, colours, and styles to choose from, which will ensure that there will be at least one piece that will suit your needs and interior preferences. 

For example, the Consul option offers comfortable and stylish modern options with slightly smaller chairs, while the Mayfair Stressless range offers more relaxed upholstery to align with traditional interiors.  The Mayfair range offers much larger designs, which is perfect for larger spaces or want the chair to be the centrepiece of the room.

The Entire Range

To find out more about our entire range and how to find the right Stressless piece for you here is everything to know about each design. 


The Consul range is ideal for modern and minimal interiors that want to add something comfortable yet practical into their space.


A larger version of the Consul range is the Mayfair recliner chairs, which are plusher and perfect for bigger rooms and spaces in the home.


For a more refined and sophisticated space, the London recliner chair range is perfect. It appears more like an office chair, with the option to recline and get comfortable. 


Stressless’s Magic range offers plush and comfortable recliner chairs, with plenty of colours to choose from to suit any space.


Metro recliner chairs are similar to London, yet they offer a footstool along with the chair for more comfort and multi-purpose use.


The Aura range from Stressless includes seamless and minimal designs, which are perfect for timeless spaces.


Stressless’s Office range include perfect office chairs, with plush armrests for all-day comfort.


The Tokyo range offers plenty of colour options that are perfect for city-based interiors. 


Included in the Reno range are incredibly plush and comfortable recliner chairs that come combined with a footstool.


Strip back the Reno recliner chair to make it more suitable for smaller spaces and you get the View range. Perfect for all-day comfort in smaller spaces.


The Scott Recliner chair is suitable for all types of interiors. It is a larger yet minimal piece that is offered in a black or cream colour.

Should you be looking for a sofa recliner, then there are multiple options. All of which, are available as two-seaters. Some offer a one-seater armchair in their range. 

There are also accessories to go with the Stressless sofas and chairs, including console tables, swing tables, corner tables, and computer tables. What’s more, is that the Stressless range also offers ottomans, which are ideal for storing your items to tidy your space while using them to sit on.

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