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Free Comfort Upgrade

Enjoy a free upgrade from your Stressless® Classic base recliner to a Stressless signature base recliner. If you would like to experience the convenience of a motorised recliner you can upgrade your Stressless® Signature base recliner to Stressless® with Power Leg and Back™.

Brentham Furniture: London's Premier Stressless Dealer

Stressless are a Norwegian manufacturer specialising in quality recliner sofas and chairs. Stressless embodies ergonomics and design as all furniture should result in comfort, beauty and functionality, but Stressless take it the next step by making the furniture intelligent. The unique Plus™ system – a working skeleton shaped spring system reads your body’s movements as you adjust position resulting in lumbar support where you need it. As you lie back in the recliner, whatever position you are in you feel support. The headrests can also be adjusted flat to enable optimum spinal alignment making it the perfect time for a snooze.

Stressless have earnt the title of the “Innovators of Comfort,” from making furniture for more than 80 years and all the experience that comes with it. From the early classic chair and sofas to forecasting of trends in the market place to discover the next stunning piece of furniture.

Stressless can be found in many homes all over the world, from the United Kingdom to as far as Australia. Brentham Furniture have been the premier Stressless supplier in London since 1991. We still have one of the best collections of Stressless recliner and sofas nationwide with a dedicated studio displaying the latest tried and tested models.