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Little Tree Reclaimed Furniture


Little Tree Reclaimed Furniture Collections

About Little Tree

Little Tree Furniture was founded by Neil and Aimee Buckley-Jensen after they travelled India and found sustainable furniture that was created by using fine handmade woodworking techniques.The Little Tree factory uses colonial tools and classic woodworking methods combined with traditional British carpentry and joinery, resulting in every item being truly bespoke. Each item of furniture has its own authentic markings and features whilst saving waste and reducing the carbon footprint. Within the collection, there are colourful ranges such as the Little Tree Mary Rose and Riya, whilst the Little Tree Hyatt and Shimla ranges have some beautiful occasional items with that Rustic Indian look. An eco-friendly mindset by using reclaimed timbers results in Little Tree being unique in every way

Why Buy Reclaimed?

The reclaimed wood used by Little Tree in most instances is more than 70 years old and has a truly unique character. The wood can be sourced from fishing boat timers and old doors in addition to land sourced wood. By upcycling, each piece of furniture has a unique personality and character with a story to be told. Little Tree genuinely cares about the environment and their company policy is woodworking with a conscience’, meaning they really do care.


Little Tree Furniture employs highly skilled Carpenters in the UK and India. The Indian factories are selected because of their colonial tools and traditional woodworking methods; engaging original joinery techniques and the history beneath British upcycle carpentry. Little Tree Furniture also applies fair trade ethics to all of their imported furniture making sure that each item is made by highly skilled craftsmen who themselves benefit from any Little Tree Furniture business, helping their local community and economy. 
Brentham Furniture have a dedicated reclaimed furniture selection in our London studio where to can touch and feel the true love taken in producing this unique furniture collection.